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Watch reconditioning, which includes complete disassembly, removing and cleaning mainspring (except on automatics), and ultrasonic cleaning of all movement parts. We then proceed with polishing pivots, replacing damaged or broken parts such as jewels, and any other unserviceable parts, replacing broken balance staff if needed and poising the balance wheel. I install bushings in worn pivot holes in plates without train jewels (usually 7 to 15 jewel watches), and check proper escape wheel - pallet - balance wheel relationship and function. I also  clean the case and band (wristwatches), adjust the movement on a timing machine and run the watch for a 7 day period to test rate of time keeping and all functions. Any worn or damaged parts will be replaced with original  factory stock where possible. Crystals will be replaced  when damaged or if requested. I also cut unusual shaped crystals that can't be purchased. All old parts will be returned.
About Our Services
All repairs are done in my shop with only one exception: watch dial refinishing if desired is done at a reputable facility specializing in this service. I do service calls at homes and businesses with floor clocks and other large time pieces that you are unable to transport. If the mechanism can't be repaired on site the movement will be removed and brought back to our shop for reconditioning.
I offer a variety of services briefly described below:
If you have any questions regarding our services, please call or email! I will be glad to discuss your specific needs, and will discuss and provide details of our service and repair techniques. Please note I do not have time pieces for sale. My focus is repairing them!
​Clock reconditioning, which includes movement removal and complete disassembly, ultrasonic cleaning and inspection. I then proceed with  burnishing and polishing all pivots, installing bushings in worn plate pivot holes, hand cleaning and lubricating mainsprings, polishing anchor pallets, reassembly, lubricating movement, adjusting movement, test running over a two week period and regulating time keeping. Other common repairs include installing new dial paper, replacing broken glass, replacing missing bezels, and repairing loose case joints. The cases and finish are not changed in any way unless requested by the customer. I do frequently clean, polish and reapply lacquer on 400 day clock bases as requested. 
I also service many modern quartz watches. Common services include crystal, crown, stem and  back gasket replacement as well as complete movement replacement for failed non repairable units. Custom crystal cutting is frequently done for unusual shaped crystals that can't be purchased as factory originals. Cell replacement includes cleaning the case, case back removal, cleaning and lubricating the back gasket, installing a fresh cell, and replacing the back. Complex quartz watches often include stuck pusher removal, cleaning and lubricating. Worn pusher O rings are replaced as necessary. 
I provide jewelry making and repair services for gold, silver and costume jewelry. repairs include ring sizing, re-pronging settings, stone replacement, converting clasp type earrings to post type, pin and catch replacement, and turquoise jewelry repair. I do not repair platinum jewelry.