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Clock Project Photo Gallery
Here are some examples of our latest work bringing a clock from the attic back to service. Hover over picture for description, and click on picture for a high resolution enlargement.
Original unserviced Ansonia clock
Rear view of clock movement
Dial pan remnants after removal
Movement removed from case
Pivot burnishing set up on Unimat lathe
Burnished pivot ready for final cleaning
Refinished case and repaired dial pan with new bezel and glass
Finished Ansonia movement ready for installation
Movement installed, leveled and adjusted for dial assembly installation
The finished clock ready for many more years of service
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​Pictures from left to right, top to bottom: Front view of the Ansonia clock, missing bezel and glass. Note built up mildew and dirt. Back view, uncleaned! Dial pan as removed, dial paper deteriorated, and all of the dial pan solder joints had failed. Movement removed. Note the strike train mainspring is broken. Burnishing and polishing a wheel pivot. Wheel pivot after burnishing and polishing. Case after cleaning and oiling, and repaired dial pan with new bezel and glass. We aged the bezel with a chemical solution, buffed and oiled for a more original appearance. The case was cleaned with a gentle wood cleaner and reconditioner, and hand rubbed with a 3 step oil based wood treatment. The movement after reconditioning. All pivots were burnished and polished, all plate pivot holes had bushings installed, the anchor pallets were smoothed, a new mainspring was installed on the strike train great wheel, and the hammer was repadded with leather. Case with movement installed and adjusted. The clock is finished and running. After all reconditioning work is done, the clock is test run for two weeks, the time is regulated, and all striking functions checked.